Sound Devices MixPre-6 Portable Audio Recorder

Sound Devices MixPre-6 Portable Audio Recorder

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    Posted by Kian Joseph on 22nd Oct 2017

    A really excellent and versatile little device. The sound quality is exceptional. This was purchased for mobile recording and nothing could be better (except maybe the 10 channel version!). Super small and super light, very simple user interface, Bluetooth remote control, a variety of power options. This will be used mostly for acoustic recordings where power is not available, and it can run with 4 phantom powered microphones for hours using a 26800mah power bank with USB C, with the AA battery sled filled up for backup. The sound quality is really going to be hard to match at this price, and impossible to find with the other features on hand here. It connects to an iPad Pro without effort, with which I record into Auria Pro. No camera kit required, lightning cable from the MicPre’s USB will link the devices in a second. Mid-Side capabilities within the unit are a bonus, and one of the main selling points was that this is of course made as a standalone recorder with USB capabilities, making it possible to use either into a DAW, on its own, or to DAW and SD simultaneously for more secure recordings (we’ve probably all had a computer fail in the middle of a session and lost our music!) . Really great, and was sent out very quickly by Tai :)