Sony MDR 7506 Headphones

Sony MDR 7506 Headphones

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    Tried & True

    Posted by Jim on 9th Sep 2015

    I've been using 7506's since I started in radio 13 years ago. I used them professionally for broadcast, studio recording & location sound mixing. Sure, they're a tad 'hyped' in the top and bottom, but they sound nice, isolate fairly well and are pretty accurate, especially once you get used to them. The ear muffs will start to shred/flake after a couple years, and that's when you buy a pair of Garfield ear muffs. I've only blown up 1 pair (out of 5 or 6). They can take a serious beating. One tip: Don't wrap the cable tightly around the headset... it'll stress the cables coily nature and look like crap.