Save up to $4000 on Audio Ltd Wireless Systems!

13th Mar 2019

From now until May 31, 2019 qualifying purchases of A10 digital wireless systems are eligible for instant rebates -- there are three options for this promo and the more channels you buy the more cash you can save!

Option One: (1) A10-RX-US Receiver and (2) A10-TX-US Transmitters

$1000 Rebate

Option Two: (2) A10-RX-US Receivers and (4) A10-TX-US Transmitters

$2000 Rebate

Option Three: (3) A10-RX-US Receivers and (6) A10-TX-US Transmitters

$4000 Rebate

The two-channel A10-RX receiver from Audio Ltd. is an advanced digital tool that works with either one or two A10-TX transmitters. With its Advanced Digital Diversity System the A10-RX receiver selects the best signal between each channel's two receivers. When at the limits of system operation ADDS combines error-free digital packets from each receiver. This results in lossless, wireless digital audio up to the absolute limits of operation. Available with (2) XLRM Outputs & Hirose Power Input OR SuperSlot Connector.

The Audio Ltd. A10-TX-US transmitter is the heart of the A10 Digital Wireless Systems for the U.S. The core of the A10-TX-US transmitter is its low-noise, high-dynamic-range analog input. It accepts signals from low-level lavalier microphones to balanced line-level. The 3-pin LEMO input offers analogue limiters, 5 volt bias for lavalier microphones, as well as 12 and 48 volt phantom power for balanced microphones.