Dugan Automixing Now Available for Sound Devices Scorpio!

26th Aug 2019

Scorpio Firmware v2.0 available for download now!

New Scorpio features include:

  • Dugan Automixing, 16 channels.
  • Support for additional third party USB control surfaces via the MCU protocol.
    • Icon Platform X+
    • Icon Platform B+
    • Behringer X-TOUCH
    • Mackie MCU Pro
  • Support for SD-Remote Sound Report features, including the ability to email CSV and PDF versions.
  • SuperSlot support for Sennheiser EK-6042.
    • Set frequency, calibration tone, squelch level, and pilot squelch of the Sennheiser EK-6042 from the Scorpio user interface.
    • Monitor RF signal strength, TX battery levels, and active antenna.
    • EK-6042 does not support RF Scan via the Scorpio. All scans need to be run from the EK-6042 itself.
  • Power Status indicator added to Meters screen indicating current power source and status.
  • Support for nested record folders: create up to 3 tiers of folders, not including mono take folders.
  • Custom mapping of third party controller buttons to Scorpio functions.
  • New shortcuts for Automixer Mode On/Off plus Edit Scene, Edit Take, Edit Notes for the */** toggles and Menu+PFL shortcuts.
  • New USB-A Charge Out menu with settings for 500 mA and 1.5 A.
  • Ctrl + P from keyboard now captures a screenshot as a PNG.

New SD-Remote v2.00 features include:

  • Sound Reports Tab
    • Edit Sound Report Info
    • Trigger creation of Scorpio Sound Reports.
    • Email Sound Reports as a CSV and PDF.

For a complete list of features & changes and fixes please visit the download page!