TAI Audio is an Official Sound Devices Stocking Partner

TAI Audio is an Official Sound Devices Stocking Partner

23rd Jan 2017

This year Sound Devices introduced their Stocking Partner Program, and we here at TAI Audio are thoroughly excited to be a part of this exclusive initiative by one of the world's premier leaders and innovators in location audio equipment. 

Sound Devices describes the program as such:

In our continuous effort to provide customers with excellent support and easy access to our products, Sound Devices LLC has initiated the Stocking Partner Program.

This program:

  • Helps our customers make informed purchase decisions
  • Identifies our most knowledgeable Sound Devices Authorized Resellers
  • Provides links directly to the Stocking Partners that are committed to have our products on hand, for best availability

Identified with an easily identifiable icon, these Stocking Partners have experts on staff with deep operational knowledge of Sound Devices products and accessories. These resellers can also provide you with excellent direct support before and after you make your investment.