New Sound Devices 688 Firmware Update Version 3.11

25th Jul 2016

Last update July 25, 2016

Changes introduced in 3.11 include:


  • Rare issue where Channels 7-12 and RTNs did not properly initialize at boot up.
  • Issue where SuperSlot-compatible Lectrosonics SRb and SRc Tuning Groups U and V scrolling did not work properly.

The following list of New features, functionality Changes, and Fixes — first released in Firmware v3.10 — are also included in this latest release:


  • Support for 3rd party wireless control, timecode and metadata management including:
    • Timecode Systems :WAVE and PureBlend's MovieSlate® iOS app
    • Ambient® Master Lockit.

Note:Additional 3rd-party hardware and software is required for this integration. Click here for more information.

  • New menu option to disable the CL-12 Output level controls (L, R, X1 and X2). Options for MENU > CL-12 > L-X2 Gain Pots include: Enable or Disable.
  • 20 dB of gain added to the Slate Mic — now adjustable from 0 to 56dB in 1dB increments.
  • New SL-6 Receiver Slot Power menu options for Slots 1-3 provides ability to power off unused receiver slots via the 688 interface to save power. This is the best method for powering receivers on or off when used in the SL-6.
  • Take Designator can now be set to any alpha character or '-' (T is default) in MENU > FILE STORAGE > Take Designator.
  • New SL-6 Lectrosonics SRc screen provides the ability to put the SRc into IR Sync mode directly from the 688 UI.


  • Toggling PFL switch will now save edits to track names when edited from the Input Settings > Edit Channel # Name screen.
  • CL-12 User Button option "MixAssist" has been renamed to "Auto Mixer".
  • While recording, the Take List's Circle option for the Current Take is no longer available.


  • Arming paired LR or X1/X2 tracks using the CL-12 LR, X1/X2 pots did not correctly operate on the pairs.
  • Track Name entries from Input Settings Window would not hold if that track name already existed.
  • Channels turned off from the CL-12 were reverting back to On after a power cycle.
  • Some channel fader values, if attenuated to -infinity after power down, are not correctly applied after powering unit on.
  • CL-12 Mix Bus Track LEDs could get out of sync when linked.
  • When scrolling frequency upwards in the Rx Screen with the Lectrosonics SRc in Normal Tuning mode the frequency jumps incorrectly to the last frequency in the band.

Known Issues

The list below are the published known issues for the latest 688 Firmware.

  • The CL-12 does not always initialize when connecting to the 688 if the CL-12's DC Boost Input is connected.
    When disconnecting the CL-12 from the 688: Remove the DC Boost Input micro USB cable before disconnecting the CL-12/688 USB A to USB B cable. When connecting the CL-12 to the 688: Connect the CL-12/688 USB A to USB B cable before connecting the DC Boost Input micro USB cable.
  • Rare issue where the system clock gets set to an invalid date. This can cause the daily folder to be incorrectly named and therefore the files get stored in the wrong folder. As of V2.00+, if the 688 detects an invalid date, it will display the following message: “System date error detected. Please reset time and date.”

Click Here to download the firmware update.